14 de febrero de 2010


Almost at the limit of what disheveled, this distinguished style Bridgitte Bardot in the 60s.


Marilyn Monroe's hairstyles have always been successful for cutting his face and his hair color.


Take the short hair is a matter of style: Audrey Hepburn knew that this look favoring her eyes.


The 60s marked a before and after in the world of fashion and beauty, from there you look back to reaffirm trends or inspiration. Not only is the hair look more modern or imitate a celebrity's head, but the ability to choose the right color and cut for each face and skin type.
People imitate the hair style of movie stars, like Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn or Bridgitte Bardot.

7 de febrero de 2010


For men, fashion has also gone through several transformations in the 60s. In the early years was the prototype of Italian suit, but that changed quickly in the mid-60: pants narrowed, narrowed lapels and ties.


Mary Quant is a British fashion designer, one of the many designers who took credit for inventing the miniskirt and hot pants.

Skirts had been getting shorter since about 1958 – a development Mary Quant considered to be practical and liberating. The miniskirt, for which she is most famous, became one of the defining fashions of the 1960s. The designers who adapted the miniskirt just helped spread the style, but Mary Quant gave it a name. Mary Quant named the miniskirt for her favorite make of car, the Mini; she loved this car so much and she had one designed especially for her.


The most common pattern of the sixties was "retro"; geometric petterns as stripes, circles or rectangles and bold color combinations.

T-shirts and dresses were of retro print, especially in necklines and sleeves. The trousers were more neutral, althought there was a big variety of models.

6 de febrero de 2010


The skirts get shorter, "the minis". The pants are widened at the end and the prints are very colorful. Fashion is very influenced by hippies.


Chanel dresses, small caps or hats without wings, cigarette pants.


In the 60s, the fashion went through many different styles. It generated differents groups of subcultures. Most people associate the '60s with hippie style, but really fashion was much more varied and complicated. Begins the concept of different, original, funny and extravagant clothes.

For young people the most influential fashion were the rockers, with jackets and leather pants or jeans. Then the Mods influenced the rest of the world with their semi-formal style. And finally the hippies, probably the most influential of all, with colorful dresses.